A fantasy trilogy written by M.K. Presson

Holy Act of Randomness!

Who says random awesomeness is reserved for tasty waves or insane decisions to go cliff diving at midnight?  I was able to get my own little lip-smackin’ treat of said goodness, albeit with less of an adrenaline rush, but infused with lots of ‘say what now?’ sprinkled in.

Last weekend, my mother and I took a long, grueling roadtrip into Salt Lake City, Utah from Los Angeles. 15 hours later, we arrived at my grandmother’s house and promptly died on the neatly made beds downstairs. As amazing at it would have been to have slept through the entirety of Friday, my mom and I made some calls to the local bookstores. Those that said ‘yes’ to even wanting to sniff the cover of my novel were met with happy squeals of delight upon reaching their stores. Two locations; Sanders Books and Eborn Books now both have Itara: Son of C’reseth on their shelves.

Now to the sweet, sweet joy. Friday night, Bret Eborn (owner of Eborn Books) invited me to show up to the Valley Fair Mall in Taylorsville, where he said I could sell some of my books out in front of the store.  At last minute.  Without any fanfare, marketing, or cardboard signs.  The fact that he invited a no-body in the family of Authors across the globe shocked me.  Nay, floored me like a science nerd reeling from a fresh VIP invitation to the Playboy Mansion’s coveted Grotto. I scouted the mall store out the night before, and showed up at 11:30am on Saturday, books in hand, and my laptop ready to display my artwork of Mason. Since all of my props had been left at home, this was all I had. During the course of 7 hours, I spoke with many different people, handed out slips of paper with my website and amazon information on it, told the curious about my story, and signed copies of Itara: Son of C’reseth to those who were intrigued enough to buy one. In all, I sold 11 books that day, and left 3 at the store. Hernan, a kind gentleman, was my first sale.  That is an entirely new record for me!  Plus, my tenth sale wanted her picture taken with me… AS AN AUTHOR!  Little ‘ol country-bumpkin me. It could not have gone any better had a kick-line showed up to dance out front with pearly white smiles. I am still grinning at how incredible random circumstances can be.  Of course, I poured out my thanks to Mr. Eborn for giving me this rare opportunity.

My grandmother’s 80’th birthday hosted many relatives I had not seen in years, as well as a very happy and understanding grandmother herself. I thanked her for letting me share her special day. Mr. Eborn has invited me back. Perhaps when I have enough money, and a little more time to plan, I will save up for a plane ticket and fly to Utah rather than sunburn my feet on a 2,224 mile roadtrip in a 4 cylinder puddle jumper.

Thank you, Salt Lake City and Taylorsville. 🙂  You’ve put a skip into the step of this neophyte author.


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