A fantasy trilogy written by M.K. Presson

Comikaze Comes to LA!


ComicKaze has returned to Los Angeles!

Cthulu Takes Over the World

Now for a bit of nerdnip….. Mark Hamill will be there!  SQUEE!  Hence the photo on the comikaze home page.

It’s like a less expensive version of Comicon, with sweet guests like Stan Lee and Elvira, and again… Mark Hamill. 🙂

How is this related to “Itara” you ask?  Why simple, my friends:  I will be there as a customer (sadly not as a boothie) dressed as Rainbow Dash, in a costume I hand stitched together myself. I am very proud of the wing production and intend on being in the Masquarade to show off my work. Even if I don’t win, just being there will be fun. 🙂

Congratulations.  You officially got a sneak peak into my little hobby of cosplaying –however lightweight it may be.  Although I am not a professional seamstress, I still have fun running around a convention center and posing for pictures as I show off my Hard Work and Guts! (less of the guts, though, I hope).

If you see me there in sky-blue clothes, rainbow hair, a colorful tail, and 3 foot wings, please stop and say hello!  I’d love to hear if you’ve read my novel, or are planning to buy it, or get a stack of them for Christmas gifts.

Comickaze website –>click
Times: Nov. 5th–6th.
Masquerade@ 4pm, Sun 6th.  Vote for Rainbow Dash!


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