A fantasy trilogy written by M.K. Presson

Noteworthy Music from Skyrim

Now, although my poor little netbook isn’t powerful enough to run “Skyrim”  (insert flood of tears here), I fast became a fan of the main theme sung by a woman with a voice like Sarah McLaughlin.  The song “The Dragonborn Comes” was written by Jeremy Soule.

Skyrim Tribute to “The Dragonborn Comes.”Light hand, magic

Her name is Malukah.  I hope you feel the same sense of depth and wonder that I did.  Although it is for Skyrim, if you take it as itself as a stand-along piece, it can be applied to Mason’s story, or the story of any hero of any class that grabs your fascination.  I tip my hat to Jeremy for his instrumental and lyrical skills, and to Malukah for her voice.

And play the game, folks.  I hear you can punch a dragon to death.  Curse my feeble computer!

(Yes, that is my hand catching a shaft of sunlight one winter day in 2011.)


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