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M.K. Presson Featured Author on “Beyond Worlds.com”

Hey, everyone! On January 16th, my story and that of my novel, Itara’s, went live on the website, http://habeyondworlds.com/ on the home page. Please check it out. Not only can you find my featured story, but the fantastic stories of many other authors. If you’re an avid reader, this is a great place to find honored authors and unique tales.

As a reminder, I have not forgotten about posting the first story of Wizzfeth Stipplewhim’s adventures. Look for it here at the end of the month. Khyler’s uncle somehow winds up in the most interesting and fantastical situations, and –by his own recollection– retells them again and again, each with a different spin on the same story. Which adventure will Wizzfeth find next? Stay tuned!

Poets! Poets! Gads of Poets!

Well folks, they’ve done it again!

Tomorrow, Saturday Sept. 24th, all day on Venice beach is a massive gathering of poets! I will be there with my books at the same booth with Apryl Skies (you may know her from her children’s book “Sky the Troll”). She will be reading some of her poetry at 2pm.

Come down. Listen to vivid poetry. Eat lots of food. Find all kinds of literary goodies. Enjoy the beach, and make your weekend 50% cooler.

For more information, visit the Calliope’s Closet link to the right of this page. 🙂

A little Change of Plans….

It seems I have the layout for this site a little backwards. See, I keep updating the ‘NEWS’ page, but it doesn’t show up to anyone who’s subscribed to this site. So, I’m switching things up a bit. The ‘NEWS’ page will appear first, and you can click on a new ‘WELCOME’ page to be added to see the plot of “Itara: Son of C’reseth” along with the cover art, and…. well, basically everything that’s on this page right now.

For a first update: I will be in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Taylorsville this weekend on a family vacation. A few of the bookstores have agreed to carry my novel on their shelves under consignment. So, if you live in Utah, and you want a copy, I will post a list of the bookstores here so You can see which ones have them. Also, Barns & Noble carries it. All you have to do is walk in and ask. They can order it right there. 🙂

Thank you, and that’s your ‘heads up!’ on the upcoming change to the site.

The Itara Trilogy


Book 1 of the Itara Trilogy, Son of C’reseth has officially been Published!  It can be found Here, and through your local bookstore, Barns & Noble, as well as Amazon.com.   Click on the “CONTACT” page to send me an email. 🙂

(‘News’ page updated 7/14/11)

Also check out my other blog page “Ferinlayth” at WordPress.com.  I will be resurrecting it from the shadows of the Forgotten.

Check out the “NEWS” page for upcoming events, and the “GALLERY” page for concept art, and a map of Itara.  Got fanart?  Let me know and I’ll post it!



*The first book is dedicated to my friends and family, for their patience, their belief in me, and their belief in this story.

*The entire trilogy is dedicated to Jonathan Brandis, always my inspiration.  Kel Ashon, mei manadh.  (P’nai: Good journey, my friend“).


or half a century, war has waged between the citizens of Itára, and the macabre forces of the golden-eyed dragons of the Svorin Dominion.  The despotic Krai’ta’or, Tochravanthis, seeks to control the continent out of vengeance fueled by a deep hatred for the magic-bearing humans known as P’nai.  The legend of the Ihánar is the cornerstone for those fighting to remain free.

Mason Kitch has spent his youth among the shade of Lottenwood’s willowy boughs, and the cobbled streets of C’reseth as the grandson of the town blacksmith.  What he knows of his predictable world will soon evaporate as fate sends him into the unknown lands of Itára on a search for a family friend, and his destiny.

Now, Mason is faced with braving the dark challenges that have vanquished his race, and outlawed magic from the lands.  To keep the embers of the past alive, he must learn the forbidden art of his ancestry before the stain of history can repeat itself.

Cover art is here!