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“SEED” of a Voice Acting Moment


Screen capture from “SEED”

I finally got to be a computer!

I had my first voice acting gig a couple of months back for a sci-fi short Indie film called “SEED.” Due to the fact that I can imitate my Garmin pretty well, Tyson Wade Johnston –director of “SEED,” asked me to be the voice of the intercom for the movie. With a geeky grin, I said, “HELL YES!” Once a nerd, always a nerd, I guess. It’s odd, but I’ve always wanted to play the voice of a computer.

Tyson Johnston (dir.), Brandon Jones (audio), and Justin Zachary(“Kamp”/writer) were completely professional, and welcoming.  Honestly, I’d work with those guys again any day. Recording was awesome. I spent more time running vocal warm ups than I did with the actual recording. I was in the booth for 2 or 3 minutes repeating the same paragraph over and over until they heard something they liked and said ‘Thank you.’ I tried to get them to agree to let me read more, but that’s they needed.  Mimicking the GPS was one of those things I stumbled upon by accident.  So, what does one do with a talent like that?  Why, freak out my friends of course.  :D.  Brandon (the audio technician) tweaked the lines a bit to get it where he wanted, and I was told he had fun playing with my voice.  *Insert giggle here.*  There’s more that I read, but this is what made it into the trailer.

Ya know, it’s odd how I somehow inadvertently find myself linked to horror movies.  First as a P.A on the B horror feature, “Dark Honeymoon” (with Roy Scheider, Nick Cornish, and Lindy Booth), and now with “SEED.”  Why is it odd, you ask?  Well, I’m not a big horror movie fan–never much cared for Gorno.   I like the psychological ones that really get into your head and mess you up for days.  Daniel Radcliff’s “The Woman In Black” is up there on my list of awesome horror movies with “The Haunting of Hill House.”   I don’t need blood to be scared so much I can’t sleep.

I give you the training wheels of my voice acting career. (aside from the McCarthy Wholesale radio jingle I sang in ’06.)  Squee!  I’m so happy something I did with the industry made it past pre-production and survived Pilot Season!

“SEED” Trailer

“SEED” is a science fiction horror Indy short film set to release in August 2012.