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Noteworthy Music from Skyrim

Now, although my poor little netbook isn’t powerful enough to run “Skyrim”  (insert flood of tears here), I fast became a fan of the main theme sung by a woman with a voice like Sarah McLaughlin.  The song “The Dragonborn Comes” was written by Jeremy Soule.

Skyrim Tribute to “The Dragonborn Comes.”Light hand, magic

Her name is Malukah.  I hope you feel the same sense of depth and wonder that I did.  Although it is for Skyrim, if you take it as itself as a stand-along piece, it can be applied to Mason’s story, or the story of any hero of any class that grabs your fascination.  I tip my hat to Jeremy for his instrumental and lyrical skills, and to Malukah for her voice.

And play the game, folks.  I hear you can punch a dragon to death.  Curse my feeble computer!

(Yes, that is my hand catching a shaft of sunlight one winter day in 2011.)


M.K. Presson Featured Author on “Beyond Worlds.com”

Hey, everyone! On January 16th, my story and that of my novel, Itara’s, went live on the website, http://habeyondworlds.com/ on the home page. Please check it out. Not only can you find my featured story, but the fantastic stories of many other authors. If you’re an avid reader, this is a great place to find honored authors and unique tales.

As a reminder, I have not forgotten about posting the first story of Wizzfeth Stipplewhim’s adventures. Look for it here at the end of the month. Khyler’s uncle somehow winds up in the most interesting and fantastical situations, and –by his own recollection– retells them again and again, each with a different spin on the same story. Which adventure will Wizzfeth find next? Stay tuned!

The Union Democrat Runs Story on M.K. Presson

On Thursday, Dec. 1st, the Union Democrat in my home of Sonora, California ran a half page story about me and my first novel, “Itara: Son of C’reseth.”  I’d post a link, but it seem the Weekender page on the Union Democrat site is currently down.  When my father called to tell me about the article, I squealed like a little girl and bounced around the office.  This is the first time I’ve been featured as an author in a newspaper.  It means so much more that the place of my upbringing is the first to give me this fine honor.

A heartfelt ‘thank you,’ to everyone on the staff at the Union Democrat.  You’ve given me a wonderful Christmas present.

Were You At Comikaze 2011?

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash

If you were at the 1st annual Comikaze convention at the L.A convention center, you probably saw me ‘dashing’ around as the competitive attitude queen, Rainbow Dash.  When I wasn’t being snagged for photo ops (which were all awesome!), I busted out my own camera and took some shots.  If you dressed up, I may have caught you in one of my pictures. I’ve put up the ones that turned out on my photobucket page.  Check it out!  If you find yourself, that’s great!  If you can’t find yourself, seek therapy. Or just wait for yourself to come home from where ever you were.


If you see yourself, please let me know and I will change the title on the picture.  You can send me a direct message via the contact page on this site. 🙂  I’m not a professional photographer, but I do know how cool it feels to see a picture of yourself that someone snapped guerrilla style.

The number of intense, amazing, detailed, and jaw dropping costumes I saw at Comikaze landed somewhere in the… hundreds, maybe? We’ll say there were a lot, so please let your imagination fill in the rest. I ran into a plethora of Batmans, Supermans, Pokemon, and a few other ponies with Yaya Han.  Even the guide for the Haunted Mansion ambled by lighting the way with his trusty lantern, and I got to race Sonic the Hedgehog (I’m still faster, by the way.)

As Rainbow Dash would say, the people, the costumes, the camaraderie, the friendships, all made the first annual Comikaze Expo “20% Cooler.”

Author’s Mugshots

If you’re a new author out there holding your baby manuscript in your hands as it cries for recognition, you’ve more than likely come across this one important question in your search to be noticed: Do I include an author photo on the back cover or not? If you haven’t yet pondered this quandary, then sit back and let me dispense some useful (or useless) advice.

First off, what kind of book did you spend hours slaving over a keyboard writing? if it’s a weight loss book, then you probably want your mugshot to say “Hey look-it! If I can loose a small panda in weight, so can you!” It’s an excellent marketing tool to perk up your readers to your ideas and let them see the results they could achieve from following your carefully devised diet plan. If you’re a chef, then the answer to showing off your happy smile over a skillet of sauteed veggies is a a lip-smackin’ mmmm-good. You’ll notice those two examples fall into the ‘self-help’ category.

If you’re like me, and you wrote an epic fantasy novel, more than likely the answer to this burning question is not as clear as an 80’s crystal plastic phone. Fantasy and Science Fiction novels are predominately populated by male authors –usually middle-aged, (although Christopher Paulini broke that vicious circle with “Eragon.” –and yes, I know what you’re thinking. I’ll write a post discussing the Paulini topic later.) The rare women such as Ann McCaffery, Tanya Huff, and J.K. Rowling stamped their permanent signitures in the Fiction Club for Men sign-in book. Because of this genre’s history, my mentor advised me to keep my visage away from my first novel and save it for the 2nd one. By that time, my reader will (hopefully) be hooked on the story enough to not care what M.K. Presson looks like, or if he/she has boobs or moobs.

Statistically, guys are less likely to pick up an epic fantasy written by a woman. It’s probably because they think girls don’t know how to write battle scenes, and will fill every page with hearts and romantic beach scenes staring Fabio’s gorgeous younger look-alike–like a harlequin novel. Let me be the first to call that assumption a great big pile of gantu stank. Not only can women write amazingly vivid battle scenes, but we also know how to write of wounded men missing limbs, or women lamenting over their dead husbands, and of children becoming orphans when their father is impaled by the enemy’s halberd and left to rot in a steaming pool of his own squishy eviscerated innards.

Nastyness aside, if you decide you want to put your photo on the cover of your book, it’s your choice. If you throw caution to the wind, make sure your photo is professional and matches the tone of your story. If you’re more paranoid or want to keep your story androgynous, then just make sure your bio on the back lets your readers know you’re serious. Either way, I wish you the best of luck, whether I see your smiling face staring back from a bookshelf or not.

Stay imaginative, my friends.

Poets! Poets! Gads of Poets!

Well folks, they’ve done it again!

Tomorrow, Saturday Sept. 24th, all day on Venice beach is a massive gathering of poets! I will be there with my books at the same booth with Apryl Skies (you may know her from her children’s book “Sky the Troll”). She will be reading some of her poetry at 2pm.

Come down. Listen to vivid poetry. Eat lots of food. Find all kinds of literary goodies. Enjoy the beach, and make your weekend 50% cooler.

For more information, visit the Calliope’s Closet link to the right of this page. 🙂

Book Reading and Signing Event!

To everyone who loves fantasy, come see me at the Pyschic Eye Bookshop in Sherman Oaks. The date: October 1st. The time: 2pm–4pm.
I’ll be answering questions, and offering teases. And yes, there will be chocolate home made fudge. 🙂