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Pancakes and Reviews

itara trilogyI woke up this morning expecting to sit back with a plate of home made pancakes with delicious fruit, and just lounge all day. When I checked my mail, I discovered this amazing review from Chris, the Administrator of jonathan-brandis.org.

“I’ve looked forward for this book even since I read the preview for it on the internet. I ordered it as soon as it was published. I read through it quickly and the book left me hanging. I simply cannot wait for the sequels. The book is a great fantasy novel and it has everything a fantasy lover would expect. I could not help but get attached to the main character and his companions. The main villain is also quite charismatic. I’ve reread it recently and again it has left me hanging wanting more! This is to be the first book of a trilogy so one can expect the sequels to be even better! In short, this is a must read for anyone who enjoys fantasy novels. As for the problems with the map, you can get a free scan of the map on the author’s website. “

The link to the Amazon.com page for the review can be found here.  Needless to say, I was blown away.  Mason Kitch is based on Jonathan Brandis, thus having the moderator of the top rated fan site give such a magnificent clarion call review of my work lifts my spirits.  I have smiled this day.


The Itara Trilogy


Book 1 of the Itara Trilogy, Son of C’reseth has officially been Published!  It can be found Here, and through your local bookstore, Barns & Noble, as well as Amazon.com.   Click on the “CONTACT” page to send me an email. 🙂

(‘News’ page updated 7/14/11)

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*The first book is dedicated to my friends and family, for their patience, their belief in me, and their belief in this story.

*The entire trilogy is dedicated to Jonathan Brandis, always my inspiration.  Kel Ashon, mei manadh.  (P’nai: Good journey, my friend“).


or half a century, war has waged between the citizens of Itára, and the macabre forces of the golden-eyed dragons of the Svorin Dominion.  The despotic Krai’ta’or, Tochravanthis, seeks to control the continent out of vengeance fueled by a deep hatred for the magic-bearing humans known as P’nai.  The legend of the Ihánar is the cornerstone for those fighting to remain free.

Mason Kitch has spent his youth among the shade of Lottenwood’s willowy boughs, and the cobbled streets of C’reseth as the grandson of the town blacksmith.  What he knows of his predictable world will soon evaporate as fate sends him into the unknown lands of Itára on a search for a family friend, and his destiny.

Now, Mason is faced with braving the dark challenges that have vanquished his race, and outlawed magic from the lands.  To keep the embers of the past alive, he must learn the forbidden art of his ancestry before the stain of history can repeat itself.

Cover art is here!