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Noteworthy Music from Skyrim

Now, although my poor little netbook isn’t powerful enough to run “Skyrim”  (insert flood of tears here), I fast became a fan of the main theme sung by a woman with a voice like Sarah McLaughlin.  The song “The Dragonborn Comes” was written by Jeremy Soule.

Skyrim Tribute to “The Dragonborn Comes.”Light hand, magic

Her name is Malukah.  I hope you feel the same sense of depth and wonder that I did.  Although it is for Skyrim, if you take it as itself as a stand-along piece, it can be applied to Mason’s story, or the story of any hero of any class that grabs your fascination.  I tip my hat to Jeremy for his instrumental and lyrical skills, and to Malukah for her voice.

And play the game, folks.  I hear you can punch a dragon to death.  Curse my feeble computer!

(Yes, that is my hand catching a shaft of sunlight one winter day in 2011.)


The Adventures of Wizzfeth Stipplewhim to be Announced

Hello, everyone.  Happy New Year to all, and many resolutions you will see through, or at least give a tremendous shot at seeing through.  Starting in 2012, at the end of January, I will post the first adventure of Khyler Fannisand’s favorite uncle, Wizzfeth Stipplewhim.  Throughout book 1, Khyler is constantly recounting the wondrous tales off his uncle’s journeys through Itara.  With these stories, I’m hoping you will read the title as the capricious little Gedni begins the tale and know the story as a sort of behind-the-scenes taste.

The Adventures of Wizzfeth Stipplewhim coming soon!