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“SEED” of a Voice Acting Moment


Screen capture from “SEED”

I finally got to be a computer!

I had my first voice acting gig a couple of months back for a sci-fi short Indie film called “SEED.” Due to the fact that I can imitate my Garmin pretty well, Tyson Wade Johnston –director of “SEED,” asked me to be the voice of the intercom for the movie. With a geeky grin, I said, “HELL YES!” Once a nerd, always a nerd, I guess. It’s odd, but I’ve always wanted to play the voice of a computer.

Tyson Johnston (dir.), Brandon Jones (audio), and Justin Zachary(“Kamp”/writer) were completely professional, and welcoming.  Honestly, I’d work with those guys again any day. Recording was awesome. I spent more time running vocal warm ups than I did with the actual recording. I was in the booth for 2 or 3 minutes repeating the same paragraph over and over until they heard something they liked and said ‘Thank you.’ I tried to get them to agree to let me read more, but that’s they needed.  Mimicking the GPS was one of those things I stumbled upon by accident.  So, what does one do with a talent like that?  Why, freak out my friends of course.  :D.  Brandon (the audio technician) tweaked the lines a bit to get it where he wanted, and I was told he had fun playing with my voice.  *Insert giggle here.*  There’s more that I read, but this is what made it into the trailer.

Ya know, it’s odd how I somehow inadvertently find myself linked to horror movies.  First as a P.A on the B horror feature, “Dark Honeymoon” (with Roy Scheider, Nick Cornish, and Lindy Booth), and now with “SEED.”  Why is it odd, you ask?  Well, I’m not a big horror movie fan–never much cared for Gorno.   I like the psychological ones that really get into your head and mess you up for days.  Daniel Radcliff’s “The Woman In Black” is up there on my list of awesome horror movies with “The Haunting of Hill House.”   I don’t need blood to be scared so much I can’t sleep.

I give you the training wheels of my voice acting career. (aside from the McCarthy Wholesale radio jingle I sang in ’06.)  Squee!  I’m so happy something I did with the industry made it past pre-production and survived Pilot Season!

“SEED” Trailer

“SEED” is a science fiction horror Indy short film set to release in August 2012.


M.K. Presson Featured Author on “Beyond Worlds.com”

Hey, everyone! On January 16th, my story and that of my novel, Itara’s, went live on the website, http://habeyondworlds.com/ on the home page. Please check it out. Not only can you find my featured story, but the fantastic stories of many other authors. If you’re an avid reader, this is a great place to find honored authors and unique tales.

As a reminder, I have not forgotten about posting the first story of Wizzfeth Stipplewhim’s adventures. Look for it here at the end of the month. Khyler’s uncle somehow winds up in the most interesting and fantastical situations, and –by his own recollection– retells them again and again, each with a different spin on the same story. Which adventure will Wizzfeth find next? Stay tuned!

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…

Where the heck do I begin?

It’s one of the oldest questions in the history of the wordsmith.  You’ve got this amazing story swirling in the gray mist in your head, birthing images and witty little one-liners you know will bring chuckles or dramatic 3-chord pauses, but as soon as you plunk your butt in the chair, it disappears.  That magnificent first line the muse whispered in your ear on the drive home went right out the other.  Raise your hand if this has happened to you.

I see you’re all raising your hands.  Except for you.  Sit down.  No cookie for you.

If you’re not Mr. Perfection sulking sadly in the back without a cookie, then this article is for you.  Though I can’t give you a magical fix-it for this head-scratcher, I can offer what fantastic or crappy knowledge I’ve gained over the years. I’ll offer a few ideas on how to start that story, but ultimately it’s up to you to stalk, hunt down, chase, stab and eat the one that’s crunchiest for you.

1.  Short and Simple

Take the start of this thread, for example.  Being that it was the keynote of the entire piece, it wasn’t hard to come up with.  This particular tidbit of tastiness came from the enigmatic mind of my peace corp adventurer college English professor, Jim Toner.  Keeping the first paragraph limited to one short sentence, even one word, is a way to snag the reader by the nubbins and pull them into your work.  This is a dangerous method, though, as it doesn’t always have the desired effect unless you choose you words carefully.  It’s like picking out that perfect outfit for a blind date.  Which will impress him/her more with an Emerol BAM!?  This is one of my favorite tactics to use.  I also like to think of this one as the “Attention Deficit Disorder Intro– oh look, a butterfly.”

2.  It Burns Us!

Setting fire to your reader with a description of hellmouths and brimstone as though you’ve thrown them into the lava along with your character is one way to go.  There are some stories I’ve read where I’ve enjoyed being sucker-punched into a chair by the power of the first paragraph, and times when I’ve walked way rubbing a bloody nose.

3.  Float Gently Like a Leaf on Water

A Zen philosopher sits down on the smooth petals of a bed of lilies, opens his mouth, and whispers the lilting words of ageless wisdom.  You are softened into his tome as though pulled into a cushion of warm air where the sinewy arms of delicate fairies wrap themselves around you in pure comfort and sing you into the world of the powerful, yet caressing voice of the author.  In this into, you can either float along the descriptions, or deliquesce into them.

4.  Enough Already!

The Information Bomb.  The story begins with a full page of description detailing family trees, battlements, weapons, the lusty woes of a tainted woman seeking revenge, minute setting details down to the number of legs on the insect crawling up a wall, and the strategy one house uses on another to dethrone their influence in the land, or world, or galaxy.  This type of intro I’ve affectionately named the “Slow Press.”  It’s like a good cup of coffee, only you don’t get a single cup to savor while wondering what the next cup tastes like.  Oh no.  You get the entire boiling bubbling percolating pot.  Before you know it, you’re heavy with indigestion and running for the bathroom.  I’ll name one author who did this to me.  I was lucky to fight my way through the thick gnarl of straight-up information two chapters thick:  Frank Herbert, “Dune.”  Now, if you like this sort of beginning, and it works for you, by all means use it.  Use it to all of its great bombastic potential.

Some of us are coffee people, and some of us are tea people.  You’ll never know what your reader likes until they pick up your story.  Try out a few things and see what fits.  Much like in school with those “what does this mean to you” questions, there are no wrong answers, just curious interpretations that leave your teacher wondering how their student made it this far.

The Adventures of Wizzfeth Stipplewhim to be Announced

Hello, everyone.  Happy New Year to all, and many resolutions you will see through, or at least give a tremendous shot at seeing through.  Starting in 2012, at the end of January, I will post the first adventure of Khyler Fannisand’s favorite uncle, Wizzfeth Stipplewhim.  Throughout book 1, Khyler is constantly recounting the wondrous tales off his uncle’s journeys through Itara.  With these stories, I’m hoping you will read the title as the capricious little Gedni begins the tale and know the story as a sort of behind-the-scenes taste.

The Adventures of Wizzfeth Stipplewhim coming soon!

The Union Democrat Runs Story on M.K. Presson

On Thursday, Dec. 1st, the Union Democrat in my home of Sonora, California ran a half page story about me and my first novel, “Itara: Son of C’reseth.”  I’d post a link, but it seem the Weekender page on the Union Democrat site is currently down.  When my father called to tell me about the article, I squealed like a little girl and bounced around the office.  This is the first time I’ve been featured as an author in a newspaper.  It means so much more that the place of my upbringing is the first to give me this fine honor.

A heartfelt ‘thank you,’ to everyone on the staff at the Union Democrat.  You’ve given me a wonderful Christmas present.

Were You At Comikaze 2011?

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash

If you were at the 1st annual Comikaze convention at the L.A convention center, you probably saw me ‘dashing’ around as the competitive attitude queen, Rainbow Dash.  When I wasn’t being snagged for photo ops (which were all awesome!), I busted out my own camera and took some shots.  If you dressed up, I may have caught you in one of my pictures. I’ve put up the ones that turned out on my photobucket page.  Check it out!  If you find yourself, that’s great!  If you can’t find yourself, seek therapy. Or just wait for yourself to come home from where ever you were.


If you see yourself, please let me know and I will change the title on the picture.  You can send me a direct message via the contact page on this site. 🙂  I’m not a professional photographer, but I do know how cool it feels to see a picture of yourself that someone snapped guerrilla style.

The number of intense, amazing, detailed, and jaw dropping costumes I saw at Comikaze landed somewhere in the… hundreds, maybe? We’ll say there were a lot, so please let your imagination fill in the rest. I ran into a plethora of Batmans, Supermans, Pokemon, and a few other ponies with Yaya Han.  Even the guide for the Haunted Mansion ambled by lighting the way with his trusty lantern, and I got to race Sonic the Hedgehog (I’m still faster, by the way.)

As Rainbow Dash would say, the people, the costumes, the camaraderie, the friendships, all made the first annual Comikaze Expo “20% Cooler.”

Comikaze Comes to LA!


ComicKaze has returned to Los Angeles!

Cthulu Takes Over the World

Now for a bit of nerdnip….. Mark Hamill will be there!  SQUEE!  Hence the photo on the comikaze home page.

It’s like a less expensive version of Comicon, with sweet guests like Stan Lee and Elvira, and again… Mark Hamill. 🙂

How is this related to “Itara” you ask?  Why simple, my friends:  I will be there as a customer (sadly not as a boothie) dressed as Rainbow Dash, in a costume I hand stitched together myself. I am very proud of the wing production and intend on being in the Masquarade to show off my work. Even if I don’t win, just being there will be fun. 🙂

Congratulations.  You officially got a sneak peak into my little hobby of cosplaying –however lightweight it may be.  Although I am not a professional seamstress, I still have fun running around a convention center and posing for pictures as I show off my Hard Work and Guts! (less of the guts, though, I hope).

If you see me there in sky-blue clothes, rainbow hair, a colorful tail, and 3 foot wings, please stop and say hello!  I’d love to hear if you’ve read my novel, or are planning to buy it, or get a stack of them for Christmas gifts.

Comickaze website –>click
Times: Nov. 5th–6th.
Masquerade@ 4pm, Sun 6th.  Vote for Rainbow Dash!